Custom Foundation


"Custom foundation is the best I have ever had, not only is it a exact match but the hydration and dewy finished is amazing."

Jennifer C


"For years I could never find a foundation that I liked, it was either too light or too dark and they were always drying. Andrea has the eye for color, I love my custom foundation."

Lynn D


"My foundation would always turn orange, I try so many brands nothing worked until I got a custom foundation. My foundation is perfect no more orange!"

Kathy K


"OMG you don't feel your foundation and the coverage is great, so natural looking."

Chelsea M


"I've always struggled to find a foundation that isn't drying and matches my olive skin tone. Andrea was able to match my skin tone perfectly and the coverage is perfect. She also taught me what colors I should wear on my eyes. Such a fun and insightful appointment!" 

Jaclyn A


"I love my custom face cream, I had Andrea make it for my sensitive skin, she put chamomile, green tea and a lot of hydration."